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What is Quantum-Touch?

Quantum-Touch is a holistic, non-invasive energy healing modality that can be done either in person or by any distance.  It is considered to be better than the more widely known modality Reiki by many of those who've tried or practiced both, due to it's ease of use, extremely fast results,  and overall effectiveness.  It is a tool for awakening the body's own natural healing abilities of both acute and chronic ailments of all kinds, reversing diseases, alleviating pain, and improving lives in all areas including mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Quantum Touch can be done on people, pets, or even plants, food, and water.  It may be used in conjunction with any other treatment or doctor's advice, and has no negative side-effects.  Quantum-Touch works through a process of resonance and entrainment.  In QT, the person receiving the energy is considered to be the healer. I simply facilitate your body's own natural healing ability by raising my personal vibration to a higher level with special breathing and body awareness exercises, using intention, attention, and love and then offering it to you.  Your body then entrains to the new vibration, which in turn allows it to heal.

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Who am I?

My name is Heidi Hash, and I am a certified Quantum-Touch practitioner.  Although I now believe I have likely done QT unknowingly throughout my life, I didn't pursue the idea until I had an experience in 2004 that left me with many questions and great curiosity.  In extreme pain one evening, I found myself naturally doing Quantum-Touch on my own back, without any prior knowledge of energy healing of any type.  Not knowing what I was doing but noticing immediate results of relaxing muscles and vertebrae adjusting where I put my intentions, attention, and breath, I quickly found myself researching what I had just done to see if this "miracle" I experienced was even possible, and was delighted to discover Quantum-Touch!  I have since decided to help others, and have become certified to do so through extensive training and practice.  Helping others heal has become my passion and I look forward to assisting you on your journey to wellness.  

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About Healing Intentions

My vision for Healing Intentions is to spread as much energy healing as possible to those in need, wherever in the world that may be.  Although I currently am focusing on distance healing services, I offer a variety of services, from group sessions to pet sessions, to personal sessions of different lengths.  I especially love helping people get rid of chronic pain, but have had much success at helping those with all sorts of different needs, including relief of acute pain from more recent injuries or burns, correcting structural alignment,  and  healing broken bones at an unbelievably fast rate just to name a few.   I've helped people with emotional issues, mental issues, and physical issues of all types.  I've even been successful at assisting people in shrinking their tumors on multiple occasions!  Some of my personal favorite stories, however, have to do with my experiences healing animals, sometimes helping bring them back from what seemed an eminent death.  See some examples in my blog below!

My Blog


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Distant Healing

Distant Healing

Distant Healing

Since time and space aren't a concern when working with energy,  this work can be done conveniently from any distance, sparing you the need to travel to me for a session.  Communication is usually through email or text.  It is not necessary to be on the phone or video chat  with me during your session, but I would be happy to connect with you by phone (US only) before and/or after your session if you make the request.  I am now offering Quantum Touch mini-sessions for those that just need focus on a single pain, condition, or just need a little boost!

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Pet Healing

Distant Healing

Distant Healing

Animals are typically very  receptive to energy healing.  You may notice them roll around or stretch out funny, or act extra relaxed, loving or energetic.  Just as energy can be sent by distance to people, the same is true for animals of all types.  Pictures of both people and pets are welcome, to help guide the energy, but they are not necessary.  All I really need is the information on the pre-session questionnaire so that I can customize your session to your/your pet's needs.

Group Healing Energy Bodies

Group Sessions

Distant Healing

Group Sessions

I have successfully helped many people with Quantum Touch even when done in a group setting!   I am offering single sessions most Tues/Fri evenings, and now even for a whole month at a time!   The 1 hr. sessions are going to be more generalized rather than targeted to specific conditions or situations, as there may be many people joining each week.  My monthly healing program  includes 8 additional random mini-sessions that are more targeted, but your body will naturally use the energy in the way it feels is most needed for yourself.


I am not a doctor and do not claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or heal anyone or any condition.  All energy healing is self-healing, and it is up to your body to accept the energy offered to it.  Although most people notice results, I cannot guarantee them.  Energy healing can be used in conjunction with any other treatment, but is not meant to take the place of seeing you doctor and following his/her advice.  Please monitor medications carefully as they may not be needed or amounts may need to be adjusted after your session(s).  More chronic, severe, or multiple conditions may require multiple sessions.