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How Quantum Healing Naturally Cures Pain and Diseases Fast


Miraculous Chronic Pain Relief by Distance Healing

Love, High Energetic Vibrations, and Intentions Speed Healing Naturally


Far too many people suffer with chronic pain, and many are  left without hope of ever getting relief, as they have either exhausted all resources or obtaining care is not feasible geographically, physically, or financially.  They may be on many medications, possibly even addictive opioids, or have found no medications to work, or they have bad side-effects from them.  Sometimes, doctors don't even know how to treat a patient, as tests or other forms of diagnosis or treatment are unavailable due to lack of research, lack of funding for research, or lack of a way to test or measure  what's needed.  Other times, they may lack the skill of identifying or connecting issues.  Often times they are treating, or trying to treat the end result of an issue, instead of going to the root cause of the problem.  Traditional western medicine has failed too many people!  

Unfortunately, even as much as doctors and researchers these days do know, there are mountains of unknowns remaining, and many of us have been left in the dust, waiting, hoping for science to catch up.  Perhaps you or someone you know has even been to many different types of alternative practitioners  in your quest for health, still to no avail.  No stone has been left unturned.

Now what?  You've been to every doctor out there, been through every test available, tried every medication, herb, diet, supplement, and alternative healing method.  You've gone broke paying medical bills, lost  countless hours and money traveling far and wide to doctor's appointments, lost work, and perhaps even been put on disability.... if you're lucky enough to have not been turned down by the very system that was meant to protect you.  You are left feeling frustrated, helpless, and perhaps even hopeless.


Now, before you dismiss this as "woo-woo" or impossible, just try to keep an open mind to what I'm about to tell you.  After all, just as scientists still have much to discover in health, they have yet to acknowledge that energy healing works because they are trained to look for something measurable and are not ready to admit that just because we cannot prove it with the equipment that we have available to us today does not necessarily mean that it isn't possible.  That's why we should draw our own conclusions, and let the results speak for themselves.

Energy healing, particularly the modality known as  Quantum-Touch, has been proven through thousands of people's personal experiences to substantially speed up healing, often even eliminating chronic pains that no other method has been able to.  How do you tell the 80 year old woman half-way across the world that has suffered for many years from terrible arthritis in her knees  and back that she must have either imagined the pain all that time, or that she must be imagining the sudden relief?  Or how do you tell the man 3000 miles away suffering from chemo effects and  cancer that it's his imagination  that he now has more energy, less nausea,  and his tumor has shrunk?  And how to you write off as "placebo effect" the fact that your 12 year old dog who has been suffering with hip dysplasia pain and stiffness is now running like a puppy again?

It's a matter of time before the world catches up, but you don't have to wait for them to figure it out!  More and more people are becoming aware of the powers of their subtle energies and are becoming more receptive to the idea that they have an innate ability to heal themselves and assist others in their healing too.  They are finding they can often eliminate the doctor, the pills, the operations, the traveling, the mounting medical bills, and most importantly, the pain, all without leaving home.

Energy is everywhere, and everything is energy.    When working with energy, distance does not matter.  This is one of the greatest benefits of energy healing!  Energy knows where to go, with a little help from one's intentions.  Raise your vibration to a higher level,  add the feeling of love, and presto!  You have the recipe for miraculous healing.


Where do I begin?  The list of benefits  that Quantum Touch provides is still expanding as we in the QT community are continuously finding new ways to apply it in everything from everyday life situations like energizing food and water for healing, to reversing life-threatening conditions like cancer from across the globe.  Here are some of the benefits of Quantum Touch:

  • Can be used on almost ANY condition, problem, or situation, be it mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual
  • Can be done from any distance just as if in person, possibly even more effectively than in person.  (Anything from specific tissues or organs to an entire body or body system can be worked on at once this way!)
  • Travel arrangements and related expenses are eliminated 
  • Very affordable in comparison to traditional care
  • No missed work, school, or need to find a babysitter 
  • Effective for pets/animals too
  • No side-effects, contraindications, or interactions with medications or other forms of therapy
  • Provides the fastest healing possible, sometimes even instant results, particularly in the way of pain relief or skeletal adjustments
  • Provides a feeling of deep relaxation and well-being
  • It's non-invasive, non-intrusive, holistic, and natural
  • Eliminates the risk of getting more sick in a doctor's office or hospital
  • May eliminate or decrease the need for doctor's visits, medications, surgeries, tests, etc.
  • It usually works when other treatments or modalities have failed 

Perhaps the better question to ask is, "WHY NOT QUANTUM TOUCH?"  You have got nothing to lose but  your pain! 


"Energy medicine is the future of all medicine.  We're beginning now to understand things that we know in our hearts are true but we could never measure.  As we get better at understanding how little we know about the body, we begin to realize that the next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine.  It's not the mechanistic part of the joints moving.  It's not the chemistry of our body- It's understanding for the first time how energy influences how  we feel."

-Dr. Mehmet Oz, 

The Dr. Oz Show, Vice-Chair and Professor of Surgery at Columbia University

"Beyond the threshold of your physical anatomy lies an energetic anatomy — invisible to the eye, yet critical to your health. Composed of pure energy, this vast network can determine how your body functions and heals." 

-Caroline Myss,

 five-time New York Times bestselling author and internationally renowned speaker

"Human beings and all living things are a coalescence of energy in a field of energy connected to every other thing in the world. This pulsating energy field is the central engine of our being and our consciousness, the alpha and the omega of our existence." 

-Lynne McTaggart,

 best-selling author, researcher and lecturer

"Energy medicine is both a complement to other systems of medical care and, in itself, a complete system for self-care and self-help. It can address physical illness and emotional disorders, and it can also promote wellness and peak performance. "

-Donna Eden

best selling author, lecturer, and teacher

"The field of energy medicine involving energy fields is based on the fundamental premise that all physical objects (bodies) and psychological processes (thoughts, emotions, beliefs and attitudes) are expressions of energy. Therefore, all bodies are believed to be infused with a "subtle" energy or life force. "

-Erin Olivo, PhD, MPH

Clinical Assistant Professor of Medical Psychology at Columbia University


Take control and get rid of your pains for good, starting today!  It's super easy.  All you have to do is follow the link below, and choose the type of session you would like.  (More specific details on different session types are available when you get there.)  Then, select a day and time to do your session or begin your month of healing from the calendar at checkout.  Enter your payment info. and other details as prompted, and submit.   Don't forget to return to the sessions page to complete and submit a pre-session questionnaire so I can create a healing plan for you.  That's it!  You're on your way to discovering a magical, transformative  shift in your health and wellness that will leave you scratching your head (in a good way)!


Your Pain Relief Miracle is Waiting!

Has western medicine let you down?  Don't fret.  There is still hope with Quantum-Touch distant energy healing.  You will be left wondering how you never knew about this!



I am not a doctor and do not claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or heal anyone or any condition.  All energy healing is self-healing, and it is up to your body to accept the energy offered to it.  Although most people notice results, I cannot guarantee them.  Energy healing can be used in conjunction with any other treatment, but is not meant to take the place of seeing you doctor and following his/her advice.  Please monitor medications carefully as they may not be needed or amounts may need to be adjusted after your session(s).  More chronic, severe, or multiple conditions may require multiple sessions.