I am currently focusing on doing Quantum-Touch mainly by distance healing techniques as it is so effective and convenient that way.   The energy is subtle but yet can have a very profound impact in improving the quality of people's lives, eliminating pain, diseases, and conditions of all types, both acute and chronic.  I address physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual problems naturally, without medication.   Sessions are available for pets, too!   You may inquire about the possibility of a hands-on session if you live in the Grass Valley, CA area, as I may make an exception to distant healing in certain circumstances.  

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I am excited to share some stories of my personal energy healing experiences and general thoughts about Quantum-Touch and healing related topics!  

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Now offering a whole MONTH of Healing!

In the past, my group sessions have been very effective, and I'm happy to now offer them a whole month's worth at a time!   This is like energy healing on steroids!  Not only will you be included in 8 1 hr. sessions over the course of a month, but I will also include you in a special group that receives an additional 8 more targeted mini-sessions in between the 1hr. sessions!  

I also offer my 1 hr. group distant healing sessions 2x/week now!  I will limit my group sessions to a manageable number, so don't wait to join in on this amazing healing opportunity!

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In the meantime, please submit your own testimonials to me if I have helped you and you are willing to let me share your success with others!

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Gift Certificates Available

Giving the gift of healing is one of the best ways to let someone know you care about them!  Gift certificates for single sessions are available in my shop, or inquire for a gift certificate in any other amount!  Pair a gift certificate with a wristband and/or healing card for an extra special gift that keeps giving!

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Can you heal my condition?

This is the most common question I get, and no matter how big or small your problem is, my answer is always the same:  It is your own body that heals itself, not me doing the healing.  I simply offer your body the higher vibration it needs so that it can heal itself.  It is up to your body to accept and use that energy to heal.  We have only begun to scratch the surface of all that Quantum-Touch can help us with, and although it may not be the answer for everyone, the majority of people who've tried it are finding some level of success in healing all types of ailments using Quantum-Touch.  More chronic or severe conditions may need multiple sessions to see desired results.  Results cannot be guaranteed.  The only way to know if it will work for you for sure, is to try it.

How do I prepare for a session?

The best way to prepare for a session is to lie down, relax, and be open to receiving the healing energy.  You can listen to some soft music if you'd like.  Keep hydrated with water.  If you are sleeping, busy, or not even home, no need to worry though as the energy will still find you and work. 

Do we need to be on the phone or Skype during the session? Do you need pictures of me?

No, none of this is necessary.  Although there may be instances where such things may be able to be arranged, the energy knows where to go (as long as you sent me your pre-session questionnaire), and I don't even need to know what you look like.  That being said, I welcome appropriate pictures if you'd like to send them.  

What should I expect during a session?

You may notice tingling, warmth, coolness, pins and needles, pain traveling, or pain intensifying before dissipating.  Emotions may arise as past traumas, repressed feelings or unsettled situations are dealt with and released.  These are all good and I ask that you go with it.  Other times, people don't feel anything at all, and that is normal, too.  That doesn't mean it isn't working.  The techniques I use keep the Quantum-Touch  coming for several days after a session, so although changes are often felt immediately, you may not notice a change until later.

Do you follow up after a session?

Yes, I usually send a short email (or text or phone call if requested, US only) to let you know when I have completed your  one-on-one session.  You are welcome to provide me feedback, and I am available to answer any questions I can about your session.  Please note, this applies to personal one-on-one sessions only, not group sessions.